Knot Tying Guides


Whether in the woods or on the rock or water, when you’re in the outdoors, knot tying is an essential skill that every outdoor enthusiast must master, and every kid should be exposed to. Properly tied knots can mean the difference between a safe, secure and happy adventure with family and friends, or a risky endeavor. Whether you’re looking to ensure your safety and confidence on the rock or indoor climbing walls, setting up a tent, securing gear, or improvising a solution in the wilderness, or ensuring that your hook, lure, or bait stays secure, increasing your chances of landing that trophy fish, then mastering the art of tying knots is an essential skill that will take your outdoor game to the next level. A strong and reliable knot, knowing the right knots can make a world of difference. In our comprehensive guides, we’ll introduce you to the must-know knots for fishing, camping and climbing, and explain their best uses. So, let’s dive into the world of knots and elevate your outdoor game!


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